Poopoh is a village in Sulawesi Utara, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is 1341 miles (2160km) east of Jakarta and 16 miles (26km) west of Manado. Poopoh is a small coastal village in North Sulawesi with a population of about 320 families. The community is desperate for a reliable fresh groundwater supply to meet the minimum water requirements of the village. The villagers are willing to turn approximately 500 acres of intact hill forest into a permanent no-take zone through a legally enforceable village ordinance. This protected forest is directly adjacent to the protected forests recently created by neighboring Kumu and Teling Villages (both supported by Seacology). In exchange for this sacrifice, Seacology will provide Poopoh Village with a new village-scale fresh water system.

Population: 320 families
Latitude: 1 24' 00"
Longitude: 124 38' 06''